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Franchise Business Model

Since 2012 WaveMAX Coin Laundry based in Jacksonville FL has focused its business model on developing the prototypical market & store that can scale and sustain a national chain of coin only laundromats.

  • Semi-Absentee Model (6-8 hours of GM work each week)
  • Number of Franchisees: 16; Corporate Owned: 1
  • Item 19 Summary-2016 Jacksonville FL Store: Gross Revenue $377,736.07;
    *Net Cash Flow $218,784 (No Equipment Financing)
    **Net Cash Flow $135,295 (With 100% Equipment Financing)

The Current Laundromat Industry

Primarily made up of Mom and Pop operators who are taken advantage of by the washer and dryer Distributors whose sole purpose is to sell equipment to these non- business savvy operators. The industry has no brand, no business sophistication and massive turn over from operator to operator.

These naïve owners sign long term leases in buildings that are not the right fit for their businesses and over build the location with too much equipment and are saddled in debt financing. Hence the industry today is thriving for manufacturers as they continue to support this structure of over build in too large of spaces and then disappear once the equipment is sold. This results in too high of rent, too high of construction costs and too high of equipment financing that will not allow a net margin to justify the investment. We call these operations ZOMBIE-MATS.

There exists NO National Laundromat Brand today that dominates the market…. until now.

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Franchise Development

Franchise development is being spearheaded by Dennis Mulgannon of Franchise Scale who has successfully launched The Flying Locksmiths, Junk King, WaveMAX Laundry and Home Care Assistance into national brands.

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